Sustainable fashion
Reference date: January 2023
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Which parties are the most visible within the sustainable fashion industry?
Sustainable fashion

Fast fashion, a term that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Brands want to stay ahead of trends, leading to rapid production. Trends change rapidly and before you know it, a new (cheap) collection is hanging in the clothing racks. Notably, in recent years there has been an exponential increase in demand for sustainable clothing brands as a result of the climate crisis. People are consuming more mindfully, and this has consequences for the fashion industry.

Which parties in the fashion industry are the most visible on relevant keywords? What key factors do you need to meet to dominate the online sustainable fashion industry?

In this Organic Growth Report, you can read about the relevant trends that influence search behavior and the content that is essential for online visibility within the sustainable fashion industry.

Download the report if you want to know:

  • Who is lagging behind in the organic search market and which party dominates.
  • What questions consumers have when searching for sustainable fashion.
  • How to become more visible in the SERP.
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