Online visibility

What is it & why is it important for your company?

Does your company or the company you work for have its own online channels, such as a website or a Facebook page? Then we’re sure you have heard of online traffic and the importance of online visibility. But what is that exactly? And how do you drive results from online visibility? After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to become a visible online presence!

In this article, you’ll read:

What is online visibility?

Online visibility is the visibility of your online channels on the internet, for example in Google’s search engine. This attracts online visitors and drives online traffic to your channels. Ask yourself: ‘How do I get users to visit my website?’ One of the possible answers to this question is: ‘By making sure my audience can easily find my website.’ That findability is stimulated by online visibility on different channels, such as search engines or social media. The result: organic traffic.


What is organic traffic?
Organic traffic consists of people that visit your website via another route than paid ads. Those other possible routes include search engines, directly typing in the address, or social media posts. For example: by creating content that Google considers a good answer to the user’s question, your website rises on the search engine results page. That means that more people will see and click on your page. Those users on the page are called organic traffic. And that’s what you want: sustainable and unforced.

Why is online visibility important?

There are several reasons why online visibility is important:

  • It drives online traffic. If your audience isn’t searching for your brand yet, you will be unfindable without online visibility. And that means no or much less online traffic.
  • It’s a long-term, sustainable investment. If users arrive at your website because of quality content and not through paid ads, you are investing in a sustainable source of visitors.
  • It can help you reach your business goals. If you manage to activate your online visitors, you can achieve your business goals.

Online visibility makes your online channels findable, and that’s the first step towards attracting online traffic. Content that triggers and stimulates these users can activate them as well. This is an important step towards reaching your goals. An example of a goal that you can achieve with online visibility, is lead generation in order to increase revenue. And it may sound obvious, but we can’t say it enough: if you don’t attract visitors, you probably won’t attract success either. And that’s not what you want!

How do you increase your online visibility?

It’s time to get to work. What can you do to increase your online visibility? We’ll give you some tips to claim that spot in the limelight. But first, there are some important basic principles to keep in mind when you’re formulating a solid and data-driven strategy:

  • Know your audience and know where they tend to dwell. In other words: which channels are the most fit to reach your audience?
  • Stay up to date by keeping up with the latest online trends. That way, you’ll always know what to adjust and how to tweak to stay visible online.
  • Keep a close eye on what your competition is doing. Use it as inspiration and then do it better!

Get found in Google

Google is the largest search engine (in the Netherlands), accounting for more than 95% of searches. In order to be well found in Google, it’s important to actively apply search engine optimization (SEO). Especially when your brand isn’t top of mind yet, you need SEO. That way, your website will be visible for relevant keywords, even when people aren’t typing in your brand name yet.

Getting your website ready for SEO? That starts with technical optimizations. You make sure to fix possible error messages, such as 404 pages, and to correctly implement redirects with 301 status codes.

The next step is the content. For which keywords do you want your website to show up? You determine that in your strategy. You conduct proper research on keywords that are most interesting for your business. For the right balance and the best results, you target both generic (broad) keywords and specific keywords. Keyword research will help you with this.

The last pillar of SEO is authority. If your website is technically optimized and your content is of high quality, you should start strengthening your domain. You do that by gathering external links (backlinks) to your website. As you can see, search engine optimization is a complex process. Don’t panic, just read more about it in our article on SEO.

Stand out with different types of content

Nowadays ‘content’ covers a lot more than plain written text. Don’t you know that a picture is worth a thousand words? We strongly recommend working with visual content, such as photos, video and infographics. These formats are good means to convey your message and they make your content dynamic. The reader stays stimulated and keeps reading. And that’s exactly what’s needed to make your audience loyal to you.

Try and experiment with newer content trends, such as podcasts. This is an excellent way to communicate your expertise to your audience. During the episodes of our own podcast series, we have in-depth talks about organic growth. The podcast is currently only available in Dutch. Want to practise your Dutch skills and gain some insights about organic growth? Check out The Growth Room.

In short: create content that activates your customers to interact, that is unique and that remains relevant. Want to know how you can coordinate your content activities? Read our article about content strategy to learn how to formulate a good action plan.

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Know which social media channels are right for you

Cultivating a long-term relationship with your audience is an important step on the road to success. Social media is the perfect medium for that. It offers you the opportunity to have real-time contact with your audience. You can get to know them better and discover new opportunities and inspiration. But your audience also wants to get to know you. Give your company a face and a personality by providing personal information about your employees via social media. Your audience will feel more connected with the brand if you actively pursue a personal connection.

It’s important to make a conscious decision: which channel are you going to use? Every platform has its own characteristics. LinkedIn is intended for professional posts and business matters, while Instagram users want to be inspired. Research where you can find your audience and make your company visible on that channel.

How to stay visible

There’s a difference between becoming visible online and staying visible online. To stay visible, you need to continuously:

  • Monitor your online performance.
  • Optimize your content.
  • Keep track of current events on the market.

That’s how you keep ahead of your competition and your brand stays visible online.

Want to realize organic growth?

OAK helps you grow organically by making the best use of your content. We conduct market research, discover the wants and needs of your potential customers, determine the content gap, spot opportunities for your company, formulate a plan and implement it while we’re at it. Want to know what we can do for you? Request a content marketing audit!