The Growth Room #19
32:28 min
The Evolution of SEO with Rand Fishkin

In our latest podcast, we have none other than Rand Fishkin as our guest! Live from Seattle, Rand shares his vision on the evolution of SEO. Our SEO specialist Heather Rison and host Jurjen van den Broek discuss with Rand the developments in SEO over the past years. We also talk about changes in the field of content, and Rand predicts the challenges that we can expect in the coming year.

Rand Fishkin is a sought-after speaker for marketing and entrepreneurship events all over the world, both inside and outside of the realm of SEO. He has built up a good reputation by founding the now globally known company Moz. Now that he has left Moz, he has started his new company: SparkToro. You’ll hear all about this company in the next podcast.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Rand talk in his unique way about the evolution of SEO. The word “evolution” perfectly describes the developments within SEO. As Rand describes it beautifully, “SEO became more difficult the last couple of years, you can’t manipulate Google like you once could.” We also take a close look at Google’s monopoly and discuss what Google’s ranking factors actually are. According to Rand, even the people at Google don’t know anymore, as Google has simply become a “Deep Learning” system. Oh, and of course, we also take a look at the future. In short, there’s plenty to discuss in this podcast!

Exciting news!
After 4.5 years, OAK continues as the Organic marketing team within the Newcraft brand, so it will no longer exist as a separate entity. Read more about it and find contact information for any questions through the link below.