The Growth Room 17
49:41 min
Lily Ray: Why you should be involved with Google’s E-A-T guidelines

“People think it’s just a matter of pressing a button, that you only need to put the name of an expert on a page. That doesn’t even come close to all the work we have to do.”

The Google core update: a moment that many SEO specialists either look forward to or dread. A Google core update can have significant consequences for a website’s performance, especially if the Google E-A-T guidelines are not met. When you mention the name Lily Ray in the SEO community, everyone knows who you’re talking about. She is an SEO expert for some of the largest American companies and speaks at Semrush, Brighton, and many more. Together with SEO specialists Laura Ekkelenkamp and Jurjen van den Broek, she discussed the winners and losers of the Google Core Update in December in The Growth Room.

Why do you need to comply with the E-A-T guidelines? Because it is important for Google to provide users with the best and most reliable information in search results. Incorrect content can be potentially dangerous, particularly on medical and wellbeing platforms, according to Lily Ray. That is why over 10,000 people test various websites on the internet each year to improve Google’s algorithm. If you suddenly see a significant drop in traffic to your website after a Google core update, you know that there is work to be done. Do you want to know how to get your platform back on its feet? Listen to the experiences and tips of Lily Ray, Laura Ekkelenkamp, and Jurjen van den Broek in our latest Growth Room podcast.

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