Energy saving
Reference date: December 2022
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How do people search online for energy saving tips?
Energy saving

Organic Growth Report: Energy Saving

We used to ask the question: which supplier offers cheap gas? With rising gas prices and declining purchasing power, we now see a change in consumer demand. People are looking for alternatives to save money and focus on saving energy. This created interesting new search trends. 

Sustainable energy solutions and alternatives have been around for some time, but the gas crisis has transformed search behaviour which will leave its mark on this search market. Who are the ones falling behind in these markets? And who are the ones to keep an eye on?

In this Organic Growth Report, we highlight the most noteworthy insights and trends in search behavior within the Dutch market. Download the report, and find out how consumers are searching, who the top players are and which parties should get to work.

In this Organic Growth Report you will find:

  • Who rules the Dutch search market for gas-heating alternatives.
  • Who has the biggest share in traffic for insulation material in the Netherlands? 
  • Why digital PR offers a great opportunity for increased organic visibility.
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Exciting news!
After 4.5 years, OAK continues as the Organic marketing team within the Newcraft brand, so it will no longer exist as a separate entity. Read more about it and find contact information for any questions through the link below.