Content planning

How to provide a continuous stream of relevant content?

Content creation can be quite a tricky task. How do you ensure you won’t run out of original, relevant and catchy content to make? By making a plan, you help yourself and your team take the time needed to think up creative topics. That way, you avoid last-minute content stress. Besides that, content planning helps you structure which content to publish at what time. You can also more easily respond to current events. But where to start when you’re making a content plan? We’ll explain it all to you.

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Wat is content planning?

We all know deadlines are the death of creativity. They are unfortunately still part of the real world. A clear content plan helps you with coming up with relevant topics, staying on schedule and always being able to publish relevant content. This transforms your website from a badly maintained blog into a popular and relevant website with lots of visitors. Your content plan is the roadmap to the final goal: generating traffic. A good content plan takes away the stress about topics and helps your business grow. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Want to set up a solid content plan? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • For whom am I creating this content?
  • How can I best convey this content?
  • When can I best distribute this content?

Based on these questions, you make a content plan. This plan is the difference between ‘casually making some content’ and structurally creating relevant content that triggers your audience.

Your content plan is part of your content strategy

Consider your content strategy a puzzle. Your content plan is one of the puzzle pieces. The plan helps you determine when and how you are going to spread the theme of your content strategy. If your strategy is solid, the three questions above should not pose a challenge to answer! Because of the content strategy, you know which content to show to whom in order to achieve your goal. You need a clear view on what your business’ goal is for that. Read more in our article about how to formulate a rock solid content strategy that will make your business grow.

This is how you set up a content plan

Setting up a content plan doesn’t have to take much time. You can do it in less than a day! Depending on how often you want to return to the drawing board, you can decide to make a plan for a month, three months or a whole year. Just follow the three steps below.

Step 1: determine the most important topics

It sounds easy: draft a list of the most important topics to cover. But how do those topics occur to you? You can use a mind map for that. Brainstorm about the themes and subjects relevant to your audience and your business. Where do they overlap? The answers to these questions will become your pillar content: the strong pillars that support your content plan. These often already come forth when you formulate a content strategy.

Step 2: brainstorm about fixed topics

What subtopics are part of the most important topics? You can think of events coming up in the next weeks or months, or the needs of your audience. Brainstorming about this helps you determine specific, relevant topics for your content. Get some sticky notes and fill up your wall or brown paper with ideas!

Step 3: write down the plan

In the previous steps, you determined the topics. Now, you only have to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Ask yourself the following two questions to discover when to plan which content:

  • When does my audience experience a need for this information?
  • Through which channels does my audience want to receive this content?

You can simply use Excel to organize your planning, but there are also specialized tools out there, such as Airtable. That way, you can easily keep track of your activities and tick off what has been done. After all, what is more satisfying than ticking off your to-do list?

With a clear outline of the content to make in the coming period, you avoid last-minute stress and you stay on track. You remove unnecessary worries and become more consistent in creating and sharing content.

Now you know how to set up a content plan! Time to create that content. You undoubtedly want to inspire and persuade your audience, but how do you do that? How do you ensure your message is conveyed in the right way? No worries, we got you! Read our article about content creation to learn all about it.

Want to realize organic growth?

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