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With our organic growth marketing strategies we optimize your unpaid digital channels and help you reach new audiences.

From owned to earned. From strategy to execution. From Google to Amazon.
Together we create continuous, durable organic growth in digital marketing.

Organic growth strategy

We take care of making your brand organically visible within search engines. We devise organic growth strategies and implement those by means of content marketing, technical SEO and link building.

Together, these three elements form a strong foundation for organic growth that lasts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being found and easy to access within search engines is an essential part of operating online. Search engine optimization can help with that. We optimize your website in terms of technique and content. The result? You rank higher within search results of Google, but also within search engines like YouTube or online marketplaces such as Bol.com or Amazon.

The higher you rank in the search engine, the more potential visitors you attract.

Content marketing & development

Relevant and valuable content is the best way to attract and engage your target audience. By doing so, you turn one-time visitors into loyal customers. Rock solid content marketing is essential to your business.

We create both on-site content to inform and convert visitors and off-site content to connect new target groups to your brand or product.

Our promise:

Growth in online visibility

An increase in online visibility in search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bol.com, Amazon and more.

Increase of organic traffic

Increased organic positions in search engines. The result? More organic traffic + less dependence on paid ads.

Impact on results

Growing traffic on relevant topics in the right search engines. This ensures a substantially better end result. We will happily show you how we achieve an ROI of 3.

More knowledge

More digital expertise among your workforce. Through a hybrid in-house collaboration with our specialists. This way, you’ll learn how to keep growing without our help.

Sustainable growth in online visibility & organic conversions.

How we can help

The top 11 questions we solve:

  1. What words do your (potential) customers search for online?
  2. What is your market share within search engines?
  3. What is your organic growth potential?
  4. Which search engine(s) are interesting for your business?
  5. What technical optimizations do you need in order to grow?
  6. Which content performs well and which content can and should perform better?
  7. What content is still missing and needs to be created?
  8. To what extent is your content marketing in line with your SEO strategy?
  9. What are your quick wins with regard to organic growth?
  10. What to do with voice search?
  11. How do you set up your SEO & content marketing team?

The path to organic growth

We are OAK. Like the oak tree, our marketing strategies have a strong foundation, deep roots, grow organically and have a long life span.

Wondering how we realize continuous growth? This is our action plan:

01 Fix the basics Your content must be accessible & understandable to search engines. We help you with a strong foundation by creating a technically optimized website. A website with relevant content driven by real users’ search behavior.
02 Content is key You need more content. You need content on your website that matches the search behavior of your (future) customers. We create that content. We optimize it. We set your growth into motion. Full force.
03 Spread the content We distribute your content through relevant on- and off-site channels by means of content marketing and digital PR. We ensure that your target group sees and engages with this content at the right moment in time. The growth continues.
04 Omnichannel marketing All your channels are connected and complement each other. On and offline, your content tells one solid story. A story that meets the needs of your target group.

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