Not all SEO consultants are the same. While one prefers to get their hands dirty, the other may prefer a long-term SEO strategy. That’s why at OAK, we provide the resources and space to determine your own SEO growth path. Want to know where you can grow as an SEO consultant at OAK? Read on!

Why we think your development is so important

At OAK, we believe that you never stop learning. That is why we do everything we can to stimulate your personal growth. For example, we have a Learning & Development Team that helps you determine the next step in your career, including by designing a personal growth path and personal learning objectives together with you. And we give you a personal training budget that you are free to spend on training courses, online courses and seminars. You also have the opportunity to follow training courses on hard and soft skills. We usually provide these ourselves. Internally, we provide more than 120 different training courses. But of course, we don’t know everything either. So if necessary, we hire an external professional.

Where can you grow?

We know that one SEO consultant is not the other. Therefore, nothing is set in stone with us and there is always room for change. Maybe you find out along the way that you much prefer working on SEO at a strategic level to actually getting your hands dirty. Or maybe you are a natural at collecting and processing data.

This is why we distinguish between three different SEO profiles: the SEO specialist, the SEO analyst and the SEO strategist. Of course, as an SEO consultant you have a solid foundation that fits within all profiles, but there is always room for change if you find out that another profile suits you and your qualities better.

The SEO profiles

  • SEO specialist. You like getting your hands dirty. You understand how technology, content and authority relate to each other. An extensive technical scan, coordinating a content migration, implementing structured data, creating a rock-solid site structure or designing a link-building strategy: you can do it all. You effortlessly transform your clients’ wishes into concrete action points. And of course you know how to bring your team and your client up to speed on the latest SEO developments.
  • SEO analyst. You understand exactly where to get your data from. You know how to extract the essence and turn it into concrete action points. You know exactly where your client is in the market, but you also know what the competition is doing. You understand how to make a forecast based on data and how to present data in an understandable and insightful way. And together with the data science team, you are constantly looking for ways to automate data collection and processing.
  • SEO strategist. You know how important the big picture is. You are at the helm and set the course. You see opportunities with your client and know how to capitalize on them. You know that SEO sometimes takes a long time and you can bring your team and your client along with you. You have a holistic view of SEO and you look for synergy between SEO and SEA so that these channels complement rather than compete with each other.

“After collaborating on and leading a number of projects and migrations in the role of SEO specialist, I discovered that I get even more energy from outlining the bigger picture. I enjoy being involved at a strategic level, communicating with stakeholders and connecting different channels. Through a combination of challenging projects and a clear growth path at OAK, I have been able to develop into an SEO strategist.”
– Laura Ekkelenkamp, SEO strategist at OAK

Join our team!

OAK has only existed for a short time, but we are growing fast. That is why we are always looking for enthusiastic specialists and consultants. Would you like to help our clients grow to their full potential? Then take a look at all our vacancies and apply! Who knows, we might soon be having a cup of coffee at our office in Amsterdam.

About OAK

OAK is the Dutch market leader in organic growth. We are experienced specialists and focus purely on non-paid search strategies for A-brands. OAK realizes organic growth for well-known national and international organizations in the retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Packaged Goods (FMCG/CPG) sector. We are also a proud subsidiary of our parent company Newcraft, where over 160 colleagues work on the digital acceleration of our clients. Read more about OAK.

Exciting news!
After 4.5 years, OAK continues as the Organic marketing team within the Newcraft brand, so it will no longer exist as a separate entity. Read more about it and find contact information for any questions through the link below.