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As the liquor retailer of the Netherlands, Gall & Gall's, mission is to make everyone a connoisseur. Also online. Oak helped with technical optimisations and a content creation & marketing strategy.

Gall & Gall has been inspiring & advising its customers since 1884. In addition to 600 physical shops, Gall & Gall also saw growing potential online. How did we help them claim their online position as the liquor specialist in the Netherlands?

The results:

More online visibility
#1 rankings in Google
Growth in online organic conversions

The Challenge

Gall & Gall’s mission is to make everyone a connoisseur. Gall & Gall also wanted to pursue this mission online.

But how do you turn a simple webshop into a lucrative knowledge platform full of relevant information? What kind of content is needed? And how do you reach your target group via online search engines like Google and YouTube?

Plan of action

1.Fix the basics
Improving the findability of Gall & Gall’s content required a number of (technical) SEO optimisations.

2. Discussing goals
Together, we discussed the desired end result. What do we want to achieve? And what do we need to achieve this? This resulted in a data-driven content optimisation and creation plan.

3.Content creation & optimisation
We created data-driven content that fits the personas, mission and vision of Gall & Gall. This content answers relevant user questions around Gall & Gall’s themes.

The result

Our hybrid collaboration with Gall & Gall brought focus, strategy, execution and results. Gall & Gall is now also online the authority and source of inspiration for drinks.

Our deliverables included:

  • More than 1,500 optimised content pages;
  • An SEO-optimised YouTube channel through which the videos appeared high in the SERP;
  • Relevant content for Facebook and Instagram;
  • Online newsletter complemented with the best-performing content on the site.
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