202% growth in online visibility within two years for Etos

Being visible online

Although Etos has only had a webshop for two years, they are the winner. In two years they achieved +606% growth in non-branded traffic. How? With a strong SEO foundation, room for content at every stage of the customer journey and a close collaboration between Etos and Oak. What it takes for such success, you can read below.

An insight into the results (two years after going live):

Growth in organic traffic
Growth in non-brand traffic
Growth in branded traffic

The Challenge

Laying a strong SEO technical foundation for Etos’ new content strategy. Using a SEO-proof site architecture, indexable filters, optimal crawl- and indexability and internal linking, the basis was laid to increase both online and offline conversions with expressive content.

During content creation, we continuously considered the question: in which phase of the customer journey does this content fit? And do we answer all relevant user questions with this content?


In this phase, Etos provides advice based on the highest volumes and relevant user questions on various wellbeing topics. For example, consider an article on sun protection and SPF. This focuses on the following user question: ‘What is SPF and why is it important?’


In this phase, Etos goes a little further. Not only is advice given on a topic, but the user is also helped in making the right choice when it comes to products. Etos does this through guided selling content. The creation of these articles came, for example, from the need of the consumer to compare products.


In the do phase, the user is ready to make a purchase. Again, we looked at relevant keywords and the highest search volumes. Based on this, content was written about categories or products, focusing on a buying intention.


After the purchase, of course, the process does not end. That’s why Etos is working on content that helps consumers further even after a purchase, such as a step-by-step guide to using a product.


Etos’ gigantic growth has been achieved through a close collaboration between Etos and Oak. Together, we have put Etos on the map as a wellness authority and organic market leader. We achieve growth by working not only for, but especially with our clients.

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