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The challenge

Digitenne provides digital television but was struggling with organic traffic.

We set the ambitious goal of creating a 50% growth in organic traffic and increasing the number of orders by means of SEO and content marketing.

Numbers Digitenne

Plan of action

We kicked off with an SEO analysis to find out what keywords to focus on, which content pages to develop and in what way the structure of the website had to be improved.

The Digitenne websites lacked a customer journey and segmentation, so the next step was to develop personas. By creating distinct pages about camping, traveling, students, and watching TV outdoors, we could make our client more relevant for a more diverse audience.

In addition, we created a blog with interesting articles for the specific segments.

The result

A new optimized website that focuses on new target audiences. Besides a strong foundation, we created conversion driven content. The result? An incredible increase in conversion and organic traffic:

  • 347% growth in organic traffic
  • 478% increase in conversion
  • 52% growth in organic share


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