This is how Biodermal became organically visible
Since 1975, Biodermal has been developing skincare products that support the natural strength of the skin. OAK helped Biodermal boost their organic visibility using SEO and content marketing.

An insight into the results:

After two years

Growth in organic traffic
Increase in organic conversions
New & relevant content

The Challenge

Ensuring that Biodermal is visible to its (potential) target group early on in the online customer journey. In other words, build online authority and brand awareness.

Using content (marketing) it was up to us to ensure that Biodermal provides the best and most relevant answers to skin-related questions and terms. And that this advice is displayed at the top (organically) at the search results pages.


Plan of action

First of all: an extensive market research to identify relevant questions in the field of skincare products.

We then transformed these questions and search terms into relevant content on the Biodermal website. To ensure that this matched the brand values of Biodermal, we worked intensively together in a hybrid team. A win-win, because this way our SEO knowledge was also transferred to the Biodermal team.

Together, we created data-driven content planning. This resulted in 75+ SEO-proof, and thus relevant evergreen, content pages in the field of skincare.


That one is worth noting. Since the launch of the blog section, Biodermal’s online visibility has grown significantly. Organic visitors have increased by 110% in two years. We also added partner links to e-tailers. Thus, visitors can now view and purchase products directly.

These partner links, converting content and placing the right internal links resulted in a +120% increase in conversions.

Biodermal is now an online (organic) authority on skincare and visible early in the consumer journey. The written pages rank highly in search engines and are of lasting value. Other channels also benefit. For example, the blogs are extremely suitable landing pages for social and paid search campaigns.

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