At Oak we grow brands

What you can’t find, you can’t buy. That is why we make your brand and products findable and visible to your target audience. So that they choose you inspired and informed.

Our services

Among other things, we do this for

How we do it

We increase online visibility in various search engines, develop relevant content and distribute it on all the right channels. This way, you tell one clear story everywhere, adapted to each phase of the customer journey. From strategy to execution. You can build on and with us. 

What’s in it for you?

An organic growth partner that delivers results.

ROI > 3

A deep-seated love of organic growth

We are not called Oak for nothing. Like the growth path of an oak tree, we believe in a well-rooted foundation, organic growth and longevity. We just do it with more business impact. We put this path to growth to work for our clients, and for our people.

The core of Oak

Our growth experts each have their own specialism and character. But there are a few things we all believe in.

In it to win it

We want to be the best, which is why we do everything we can to stay one step ahead of the competition. Your competitors as well as our own.

Why so serious?

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves too much. We work with both feet on the ground, our hands in the mud.

It’s not a job, it’s love

Whether you want to call it passion for the job or professional idiots, we are all crazy about our expertise. Always looking for the latest update, the latest trends and the next optimisation.

Knowledge should be multiplied

We are always sharing knowledge, with each other and with our customers. That’s the only way to get further.

Result driven & data informed

There’s no point in having a big creative idea if it’s based on air and doesn’t bring you results. That’s why we do everything based on insights and data.


Our SEO and content blackbelts lead the way

They have been in the business for 10+ years, advising and training our clients at a strategic level. Thanks to their experience, we know how to deliver sustainable results. We got this!

Together with experienced marketers

They direct the projects and make sure everything goes according to plan. In addition, they constantly look at how your brand can grow even harder. Let’s do it!

Our trainees

Room for talent

Starters who are trained internally in our 1-year Organic Growth traineeship, but also get executive work with clients. Let’s go!

About our traineeship

Part of Newcraft group

Newcraft Group helps realise and accelerate growth, change and master the digital skills for the future. Together, we share the same digital DNA. We love it when people and brands grow faster thanks to our help.

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Exciting news!
After 4.5 years, OAK continues as the Organic marketing team within the Newcraft brand, so it will no longer exist as a separate entity. Read more about it and find contact information for any questions through the link below.