About OAK

Our mission

The way users search for online products or services is changing rapidly. Often expensive ads are used to attract potential customers.

At OAK, we take care of organic growth. We increase your online visibility in every search engine imaginable. We develop tailor-made content marketing strategies. We help you implement those plans. This results in quick, sustainable growth.

Besides that, we like to invest in young talent with our Organic Growth Marketing Traineeship. Our trainees learn all the ins and outs and gather valuable experience at high-end clients. Supervised by our digital marketing experts, of course.

We like to do digital marketing a little different. User-centered. Sustainable. Earned and not bought.

Who we help to grow

We like to think big. Our clients are often large corporations with sky high digital ambitions. We happily provide our manpower to work to achieve these ambitions. Full force.

Some of our renowned clients:


From rookies to pros: at OAK we work with organic growth marketers of all expertise levels.
What unites us? Ambition. A shared love for data and digital. A passion to perform, and to have a blast while doing it.
This is what OAK DNA looks like:


Senior specialists.
These guys have been in the business for 10+ years and advise our clients on a strategic level. Their experience helps us as a team to achieve sustainable high-quality results. Migration? Inspiration session? Training? A long term strategy? We got this.


Experienced marketers.
They cooperate closely with our greenbelts on projects and supervise the process. They are in charge. Applying new techniques through voice? Host an SEO workshop? Need an energy boost? Let’s do it.


Young talents.
Starters who are trained internally by us during our one-year Organic Growth Marketing traineeship, but who also carry out work for clients. Keyword analysis? Content optimization? Technical adjustments? Bring it on.


We are OAK. Part of Newcraft.

OAK currently consists of 40+ ambitious marketers with a shared love for digital, a keen eye for engaging content and a passion for understanding search engines. Not to mention we dig our data: the figures undeniably show our value.

We are experienced specialists, focused exclusively on non-paid search strategies for leading brands.

Join our team

Would you like to be trained as a digital marketer at OAK? Our traineeship starts several times a year. We are also regularly on the hunt for talented bluebelts and blackbelts to supervise projects and give trainings.

Come and join our team!

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